Simple activity to connect by playing the game Twister. Teaches singles, couples how to keep spark in the relationship by relieving stress through fun and laughter.

Courtesy of Hasbro


The teaching technique of items that are found in you home, that can be use to create sexual activity in the bedroom. Simple dance techniques that can enhance  all 5 senses of stimulation.


Casual conversation that involve interaction on ways to have exciting relationships by learning how to meet a mate, connect with ease, learn how to be approachable, express your desire and ask question on love, sex and how to's.

love Solution events

 Pamela Y. Smith​

LOVE  ~  SEX  ~  POWER  

For men, women, single or couples learning simple activities to instantly connect by attending events, retreats or learn about items in their homes to keep the fire hot.  Show simple techniques to connect with any mate, learn best ways to communicate like and dislikes in present relationship. Create new ideas, tips and advice for ways to enhance their relationship.